Rate limiting

📈 In order to offer a smooth experience for everyone, Deck API has rate limitations on its endpoints.

By default, the API will accept a maximum of 500 requests per minute for a given client before returning a 419 response saying that the request has been rate limited. This rate can go up to 40 requests per second on short period of times.

Some ressource-heavier endpoints have a lower limit, like the product information endpoint, which is at 300 RPM / 8 RPS

Some more critical endpoints have a higher limit, like the search guide, which is at f 800 RPM / 50 RPS

👉 These limits are fairly high and should not bother you if you're not calling the API with too many parrallel workers. However if you feel it's a problem, please contact us.

👉 These limits could change a bit over time depending on the usage of the API. Any change will be updated in this documentation.